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Whisper Amp - Super tough, ultra portable guitar headphone amplifier for guitar and bass.

Layout Whisper Amp Board.jpg

DIY Guide


Thank you for purchasing the Whisper Amp DIY kit! These instructions will guide you through all of the steps necessary to complete a fully functional Whisper Amp guitar headphone amplifier. If you have any trouble with assembly or you believe you are missing parts, please contact me.

What is included:


1x Whisper Amp Circuit Board


1x 470Ω Resistor
1x 1k
Ω Resistor
2x 5k
Ω Resistor
1x 22k
Ω Resistor
1x 10k
Ω Variable Resistor (potentiometer)


1x .047μF Capacitor
3x 10μF Capacitor


1x Ultra-Bright Blue LED

1x LED Stand-off


1x 1/4” (6.35mm) TRS Jack
1x 1/4” TRS Jack Nut
1x 1.8” (3.5mm) TRS Jack


1x 9V Power Adapter


1x TL071 (or equivalent) Op Amp
1x 8 Pin Socket Riser


1x Silver Enclosure with Screws
1x Clear Faceplate
2x Aluminum Faceplate

Tools you will need: 

• Soldering Iron 
• Solder
• Wire Strippers
• Side Cutters
• Needle-nose Pliers
• Small Phillips (+) Screwdriver

Step-by-Step Assembly Guide


  1. Insert 470Ω resistor into R1 (orientation does not matter).

  2. Bend the leads slightly outward to keep resistors in place (helpful for all components).

  3. Insert 1kΩ resistor into R5.

  4. Insert 5kΩ resistors into R2 and R4.

  5. Insert 22kΩ resistor into R3.

  6. Insert 10kΩ potentiometer into R6.

  7. Make sure 10k pot adjustable screw is facing the back of the board.

  8. Flip the board and solder all connections to the board.

  9. Trim the leads as close to the board as possible.


  1. Insert .047μF capacitor into C1 (orientation does not matter).

  2. Bend leads slightly outward.

  3. Insert the long leg (+ side) of 10μF capacitor into positive hole at C2 (orientation matters).

  4. Guide the negative lead into the corresponding hole and bend leads as usual.

  5. Follow the same steps for C3 and C4 with remaining 10μF caps.

  6. Solder the leads and trim to the board.

Audio Jacks:

  1. Insert the large guitar jack (1/4” — 6.35mm) into position at J1.

  2. Solder into place.

  3. Insert the small headphone jack into J2.

  4. Solder into place.

  5. Make sure both jacks are completely flush against the circuit board.

LED Light:  

  1. Feed both LED legs through the short LED stand-off. (stand-off can be omitted)

  2. Insert the long leg (+ side) into the hole at D1 that shows the rounded edge.

  3. Insert the short leg (- side) into the hole at D1 that shows the flat edge.

  4. The LED should rise above the board about 2cm - 3cm (approx 1”).

  5. Solder the leads and bend the LED over the headphone jack.

9V Power Adapter:

  1. If not stripped, strip back the insulation on both (-)black and (+)red wire about 5mm.

  2. Feed both wires up through the bottom of the board.

  • The (-)black wire through the corresponding negative hole.

  • The (+)red wire through the corresponding positive hole.

  1. Feed the (-)black wire lead downward into the negative hole at B1.

  2. Feed the (+)red wire lead downward into the positive hole at B1.

  3. Solder both leads and trim to the board.

Op Amp and Socket:

  1. Insert the socket riser into U1 with notch facing the resistors.

  2. Solder into place.

  3. Line up pin 1 on the op amp (upper left pin nearest notch or cutout).

  4. Insert the op amp into the socket and press firmly into place.

Enclosure: (Test your amp and set gain before installing into enclosure)

  1. Place the clear plate onto the jacks.

  2. Place the aluminum plate over the clear plate.

  3. Loosely screw the nut onto the guitar jack.

  4. Slide the circuit board into the enclosure avoiding the rails

  5. The rails are not needed. Turn the circuit board 90 degrees and insert.

  6. Line up the holes in the plates to the holes on the enclosure and screw into place.

  7. Tighten the nut on the guitar jack.

  8. Install your 9V battery from the bottom and push into the enclosure.

  9. Screw on the bottom plate.


You have completed your Whisper Amp! Does it work? If so, thumbs up. If it doesn’t, make sure your solder joints are clean and tidy. Also, check that your 9V adapter wires are correct (black is - and red is +). Check that your op amp is installed correctly. Notch is up toward the resistors. Still having problems? Feel free to contact me!