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Whisper Amp - Super tough, ultra portable guitar headphone amplifier for guitar and bass.

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Where does the battery go inside of the Whisper Amp?
The Whisper Amp uses a standard 9V battery which is inserted into the rear of the unit. Remove the screws, attach the 9V and reattach the back plate. 

How do I turn it on?
Whisper Amps are designed to be simple. All you have to do to turn it on is plug in your guitar cable. Turning it off is just as easy. Unplug it. Boom. Done. No more forgetting to flip an off switch and running your gadget out of juice by accident. 

How do I make my Whisper Amp louder?
There is a single gain trimmer dial inside of the Whisper Amp. Remove the back plate and you will see a blue turnable screw inside the unit. Crank it to the right for more gain. There is no volume knob. Most (probably all) electric guitars have volume on the guitar itself. The Whisper Amp is designed to use that rather than a knob on the device itself. 

Do microphone-equipped headphones work? Like iPhone earbuds?
They do but you have to pull them out slightly. Unlike a smartphone, the Whisper Amp input and output are through separate jacks -- the guitar input jack and the headphone output jack. It's best to use standard headphones with no microphone attached. 

Can I change out the chip in my Whisper Amp? If so... how?
Absolutely! The Whisper Amp is built to be torn apart and modified. The easiest thing to change is the chip itself (op amp). Each Whisper Amp has a socket on the board. The chip sits in that socket and can be pried out easily. Simply remove the original chip and pop in a new one by aligning the notches on the socket and the op amp. That's all there is to it!

What does changing the op amp do to the Whisper Amp sound?
There are hundreds of op amp choices out there. I recommend the AD820ANZ and the OPA134 (now standard) because they have the most headroom out of all of them. More headroom means you can crank your Whisper Amp louder without overdriving it. But sometimes a cheaper op amp is better because the "crunchiness" of an overdriven op amp sounds cool! The TL071 is great for that! 

If I had to describe the differences between the formerly used TL071, the now standard OPA134, and the AD820, it would be like this:

The AD820 is very precise, almost surgical. AD820 chips can be likened to perfectly white light whereas the OPA134 is more mellow offering a warmer, more "incandescent" sound. Both are great and both are different. The TL071 is the dirtiest. I mean that in a good way. It offers clean tone like the others but can be overdriven into crunchy territory easily. This can be very cool!

The 9V cable seems flimsy. What if it breaks?
No problem. I'll fix it for free. Just ship it to me and I will attach a new one -- a sturdier one if necessary. I have built over a thousand of these Whisper Amps and not once have one of those cables broke during testing. Still... accidents happen! Rest assured, you are taken care of.