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Whisper Amp - Super tough, ultra portable guitar headphone amplifier for guitar and bass.

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Got mine in the mail today! Fit and finish is great, plugged in my Strat and headphones and the tone was smooth as butter. Looking forward to using it more over the weekend. Great job Nate!
— Jason H.
I got to play with mine tonight with a crappy pair of earbuds and my Danelectro ‘59 RI. Man it sounds nice and it has just a little bunch of crunch to it. What I blast I had jamming in my office tonight. Family already knows I’m crazy, so no worries there. I’ve gotta pick up a few more op-amps and see the sounds I can get out of them. Awesome package, the build quality looks great. Can’t wait for the next project, count me in!
— Pat F.
Received mine yesterday. Rave reviews from my son, the guitar player in the family. Thank you for a very enjoyable and rewarding Kickstarter project.
— Anonymous
Received mine last week and I’ve gotta say... I love this thing. It’s actually been a while since I played but once I got my Whisper I’ve been picking up my guitar everyday. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for your next projects! Thanks so much!
— James B.
Hoy Hoy! Just received mine and it is a fine, fine piece of work. Well done to team Nate.
— Tim M.
Just received mine. I gotta say that I am impressed. What a great initial outing. This thing has no hum. It’s a brilliant, small, and straightforward headphone amp. I think you nailed it.
— Matt M.